5 Ways Renting a Portable Toilet Trailer Can Save You Money

While it’s not a glamorous subject, if you’re hosting an event or holding down a construction site, the restroom needs of your contractors and workers should factor into your planning. As an event manager, construction business manager, or other professional, you may be surprised to know that renting a portable toilet trailer can save you money in the long run.

With this in mind, you may wonder, “does renting a portable toilet trailer save money?” and “how cost effective is renting a portable restroom?” Luckily for you, we have the answers to these questions below!

You won’t have to pay for more square footage or stalls than necessary

If you have a small event with less than ten people, one or two portable toilets might serve your guests well. Rather than finding a venue with the right amount of space and restrooms, you can find the perfect venue and then add the right number of portable restrooms to suit your needs. This way, you won’t overpay for a venue that has larger toilet facilities than you need.

Additionally, you can rent your portable toilets for the number of days, months, or weeks you need them. After that, the rental company will be able to take them back, and you will be off the hook. This is way different from owning portable toilets!

You may be able to get a better deal with local rentals

If your budget and bottom line are your biggest concern, finding frugal ways to give your guests access to a restroom is a fair concern. When some national companies’ prices seem unreasonable to you, one way to cut down on portable toilet rental costs is by scouring your local options. When you buy locally, the cost of transportation gets cut down. Although many people hold the false belief that national portable toilet rental companies have better deals, we find that the opposite tends to be true.

Portable toilets cut down on costly bathroom breaks

When your workers have to travel to other places to take a bathroom break, the time spent on bathroom breaks adds up. Sometimes, you have to spend money as a business professional or construction company owner to save money. When you invest in renting a portable toilet, you save your workers time on their bathroom breaks and yourself money in the long run.

Portable toilets slash utility costs and more

When you rent porta-potties, you’ll find that your water and electricity bills go down. Since the company is responsible for maintaining the rental, you’ll also save money on maintaining your portable restrooms.

When you are renting for longer, you can do it for less money

If you rent a portable restroom for a more significant amount of time (e.g., weeks vs. days), you might find that the daily rate is lower. This means portable restrooms can be the most financially sound choice for long-term projects.