Brand Spotlight: VIP Solar Portable Restrooms

When you need a portable toilet rental for your event or worksite, Johnny on the Spot has you covered with our VIP Solar Portable restrooms. For events and projects of all sizes, these VIP restrooms have it all. From an eco-friendly standpoint, these restrooms come equipped with solar power. This means they are good for the environment and your events. If you have a wedding, outdoor festival, or even worksite in mind, you will definitely want a state-of-the-art toilet that your guests can utilize while on the site. 

While a portable toilet can be an ugly, unpleasant place, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, the VIP Solar Portable restroom is designed to make your portable toilet experience as enjoyable as it can be. With hands-free flushing mechanisms that allow users to flush the toilet with a tap of the foot on a lever, these toilets are eco-friendly and ideal for minimizing contact with germs. 

If your event is aiming at being as eco-friendly as possible, or it’s simply located in an area that has minimal utility hook-ups, the VIP Solar Portable restroom trailer is an ideal solution. After all, you can use the rays from the sun to power all the mechanisms in these restrooms. This is also great for making your event a safe place since you don’t have to worry about plugging in long extension cords so that someone might trip and fall over.

If you’re tired of feeling crowded and cramped in portable toilets, you’ll appreciate the ample space that VIP toilets provide. Since these restrooms have more space than the typical portable restroom, they give you room to breathe as you do your business. What’s more, these toilets have enough space for users to set their gear down or even change into work clothes or comfortable clothes in them. Most portable toilets only have enough space to use the toilet, but these portable toilets ensure that guests have enough room to take care of everything they need to do before they head back out to join the event.

While looks aren’t everything, potential users will be pleased to know that these VIP toilets look as good as they function. With top-notch construction and attractive exteriors, these portable toilets will not look out of place or ugly at your event. Whether you have decided to use these toilets to provide a restroom at your wedding, party, or worksite, these toilets will match your venue and blend into the background. At the same time, they are very clearly portable restrooms, so users can locate them easily and accurately. 

If you want an environmentally friendly portable restroom, the VIP Solar Portable Bathroom is ideal. These restrooms are good for the environment and for those who use them. They have great features like hands-free flushing, solar power, and high-quality materials.

For your next event, see if VIP Solar Portable Restrooms are right for you.