Deluxe Portable Potties in Napa, CA

Hosting a special event and want to make sure your guests are comfortable when they need to use the facilities? Deluxe Fresh Flush Portable Restrooms from Johnny on the Spot help you do just that—without breaking your budget. Our restroom trailer solutions are perfect for your Napa, CA event, ensuring a pleasant, and sanitary, experience for all guests.

Deluxe Portable Potties

Deluxe Portable Restrooms, Featuring Fresh Water!

Our deluxe porta potties are perfect for any special event you’re hosting in the Napa, CA region. They’re a big step above traditional porta potties, featuring a freshwater toilet bowl that keeps sanitation a top priority and keeps unpleasant odors at bay. Your guests will appreciate the in-unit hand wash station and paper towel dispenser, further promoting sanitation and comfort. Each unit is unisex, featuring a toilet and a urinal.

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Self-Contained Units are Budget-Friendly

One of the top benefits to our Deluxe Fresh Flush Portable Restrooms is that they’re entirely self-contained. The unit can be placed just about anywhere, and there’s no need to attach a power or water supply. We drop it off at your location and it’s good to go, and we’ll provide service whenever you need it.
These units are ideal for ensuring the comfort guests while sticking to your budget. They’re an economical solution that still has all the amenities to enhance your guests’ overall experience.

They’re perfect for a wide variety of special events including:

  • Weddings
  • Concerts and festivals
  • VIP gatherings
  • Small or large gatherings

Deluxe Restroom Trailers Are the Economical Choice

Give your guests a comfortable place to go without breaking your budget with Deluxe Fresh Flush Portable Restrooms from Johnny on the Spot. Whether you need one unit or several, we make it easy for you to reserve your luxury portable restrooms or toilet trailers today. Just contact us at 707-258-1640.