Key Things To Know About Maintaining Your RV Toilet

If you own an RV, you’ll want to keep it in tip-top shape at all times. That includes ensuring that your toilets are adequately maintained. Here’s some information about RV toilet maintenance, why it’s essential, and what you need to do to keep up with it appropriately:

How Important Is RV Toilet Maintenance?

It’s essential to keep up with the maintenance of your RV. The reason it’s so important is that it could develop clogs and other issues if you don’t, and those problems can be quite expensive for you. Thus, it’s best to take care of them by ensuring you perform all the necessary maintenance tasks. 

How To Maintain Your RV Toilet

You can keep up with the maintenance of your RV by following a few crucial steps. These are some of them:

Use the Right Type of Toilet Paper

One of the most integral parts of maintaining your RV toilet properly is buying the right type of toilet paper. You cannot use regular toilet paper in an RV toilet, or you’ll risk getting clogged pretty quickly. Purchase RV toilet paper instead. This type of paper is designed to dissolve rapidly and go down easily. 

Flush With a Lot of Fresh Water

Use a lot of fresh water when you flush, and you will prevent clogs for the most part. You can feel free to do bowel movements in the RV if you need to. 

Use or Buy a Macerator

A macerator is a useful tool that helps to grind up waste so that it can be easily disposed of. Some RV vehicles have them. You can invest in one if you find that your model does not. 

Flush Your Black Tank

Another thing you should do is flush your black tank out frequently. You should have a hose that will allow you to power wash the tank. Ensure that you do this frequently enough to maintain a clean tank. 

Deodorize the Tank Regularly

Finally, you should deodorize your unit regularly. You can do that by purchasing special chemicals designed for the black tank. These chemicals are specially designed for the tank and will sanitize it and leave a nice smell behind. Some people like to use bleach and boric acid for their tanks. However, these items are not recommended as they can be quite abrasive. It’s best to purchase a well-designed cleaning agent that’s made specifically to keep your RV tank fresh. 

Now you know some crucial steps for keeping your RV toilet well-maintained. You’ll need to ensure that you contact a reliable maintenance company if you’re unclear if you can keep up with the maintenance demands. This company can help ensure you have all the work done on the RV toilet you need.

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