Brand Spotlight: Comfort Elite Portable Restrooms

While you might be accustomed to seeing portable toilets as unsightly, uncomfortable, or unsanitary blue boxes, we’ve come a long way in portable restroom technology beyond the original portable toilets you may usually see at events. For a pleasant, high-quality portable potty experience, the Comfort Elite portable restrooms, including the cutting-edge Comfort Elite III, are taking the portable restroom industry by storm.

The portable toilet industry is innovating through the Comfort Elite Series with a model that offers an option for a portable toilet to rent with three separate stations. For those who have a smaller event or family gathering, a three-station portable toilet trailer can allow event attendees to use the restroom comfortably and conveniently while at the event. The trailer includes two women’s or unisex cabins and a men’s cabin with a urinal for easy use. With a nice-looking appearance and a sturdy build, this portable restroom is designed to handle anything your event may throw at it. 

As individual suites, the rooms in the three-station unit are each outfitted with a holder for the toilet paper roll, a vanity that can lock, solid counters, an under-mount sink, and, most importantly, a china commode that is water-saving with the capacity to flush like a regular toilet would. Additionally, they include faucets that are metered for functionality and a shatterproof mirror for those who just want to use the restroom to freshen up their look. 

The Comfort Elite III Luxury Restroom Trailer is the perfect portable toilet solution for a wide range of events and venues. From outdoor birthday parties to family reunions to weddings and everything in between, these portable luxury restroom trailers can meet you wherever you are. If you want to avoid adding an unsightly bright blue portapotty to your venue, these discreet, stylish luxury restrooms can keep the toilets out of sight and out of mind. When you’re snapping pictures of your special event, you won’t have to worry about these toilets sticking out like a sore thumb in your snapshots. In fact, since they have a lovely appearance, guests might not even notice that they are toilets at first. 

For all of your luxury portable restroom needs, Comfort Elite toilets are a great choice. Whether you opt for the Comfort Elite III or another model, you will be satisfied with the high-quality craftsmanship that goes into creating each of these portable luxury restroom trailers. With attention to detail, those who make these toilets ensure that each model looks and feels as luxurious as a portable toilet possibly can. While it might seem counterintuitive to put the words “luxury” and “toilet” together, this brand has managed to blend the best of both worlds. These are functional rental trailers that are easy on the eyes.

If you have an event, gathering, or other outdoor activity where renting an outdoor restroom facility is a must, the Comfort Elite III might be right for you!