Tips For Choosing the Best Portable Restrooms for Your Holiday Event

Choosing the best portable restroom for your holiday event should be at the top of your to-do list. You’ll need to know how many portable potties to select and what types of amenities to seek when you choose the potties. The following is some assistance that will make selecting the right items easier for you:

The Guidelines for the Number of Porta Potties

Your first question is probably, "How many toilets do I need for my event?" The usual rule of thumb is to get at least one porta-potty for 50 to 100 people at the event. This practice will ensure that no one is left having to stand in line for extended periods. You will also need to make certain that you stay ADA-compliant and have at least one portable restroom that people with wheelchairs can easily access. 

Choosing the Best Restroom Rental for a Holiday Event

Once you decide on the number of portable potties to rent, you’ll need to know which accommodations you should seek and how to determine the best item. A respectable porta-potty rental company will have a vast assortment of amenities and features for you to choose from. Some examples of interesting features you may want to look for include the following:

Vanity Mirrors

Vanity mirrors are features that make porta potties seem the most like home bathrooms. The guests can look into those mirrors and fix their makeup, hair, faces, etc. 

Full Sinks

You might also want to install some porta-potties with full sinks. Many of your guests might want to do more than wash their hands. Full sinks will give them access to enough water to clean their faces or freshen up if they desire. 

Unisex Potties

The company you rent the porta potties from might have unisex units. Those units make it easier for both genders to find a bathroom and get into it faster. 

Hand Sanitizer Distributors

Maybe you want to give your guests a little reassurance about the cleanliness of their hands. In that case, ordering hand sanitizer distributors might be the right thing to do. They can easily press the button, sanitize their hands, and never have to worry about viruses and bacteria as long as they’re at your event. 

Non-Flushing Urinals

Non-flushing urinals use a sensor to know when someone’s body moves away from the unit. Then it automatically flushes, leaving less work for the guest to do. 

You can request any of these features and more to accommodate your guests well. 

When checking a company for reliability, you’ll need to look at its consumer reviews, inventory selection, pricing, tenure, and mission statement. A reliable portable potty provider will be dedicated to helping you make your guests happy while remaining compliant with the current legislation and rulings.

You should consider comparing at least three providers to ensure that you find one suitable for your current and repeat business. Portable restroom rental for holiday event success doesn’t have to be complicated. Use the tips mentioned above to make it easier for yourself.