Are Porta Potties Hygienic?

When you think of a portable toilet, you may get a little queasy thinking about horrible experiences you’ve had inside smelly porta potties. Despite what you may think, most porta potties aren’t gross at all. In fact, they might actually be cleaner than most public restrooms.

Read on to learn more about sanitizing porta potties:

  • Porta potties are cleaned frequently: The first thing to understand is that porta potties are cleaned routinely—and not just after they’re picked up after an event. If you’re renting portable toilets for an extended period, it’s a good idea to have them sanitized once every few days. This process includes cleaning the interior from top to bottom, restocking toilet paper and pumping out the waste if necessary.
  • Sinks and handwashing stations are available: Porta potties have come a long way in the past few decades. Today’s porta potties often feature sinks for handwashing inside the actual unit. If there aren’t sinks, you can rent additional handwashing stations. These stations help ensure everyone’s hands stay as clean as possible.
  • Odor control techniques: You may have noticed that today’s porta potties don’t smell as bad as they used to. On top of the extra lengths gone to clean porta potties, these foul odors are reduced by the advanced porta potty chemicals found in the waste containment area. These chemicals help treat the waste while reducing odors.
  • Waste containment and treatment: We’ll go a step further in saying that porta potties aren’t just clean—they’re actually better for the environment than traditional bathrooms. Sewage leaks are responsible for massive ecological damage. Since porta potty waste is confined in the tank and treated after the unit is taken off site, there’s a far lesser chance of contamination.

Keeping your porta potty clean between professional service

You can’t wait for the professionals to come clean your porta potties if you want to ensure your porta potties are as clean as possible. These are some quick DIY things you can do for sanitizing porta potties:

  • Wipe down surfaces: First and foremost, be sure to wipe down all of the surfaces with a cleaning agent. Eliminating dirt and grime makes a porta potty look cleaner and smell better.
  • Deodorize the tank: The porta potty chemicals mentioned above absorb a ton of odors, but they only last for so long before they start to lose their effectiveness. You can drop a few deodorizing tabs to help with those smells in between cleanings.
  • Let in some fresh air: It never hurts to prop the door open and let some fresh air and sunshine into your porta potty. Just 20 minutes of sunshine a day does wonders to get rid of nasty odors.

Rent your porta potties from us

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