Are Porta Potties Safe to Use During the Pandemic?

Here we are, over two years into the COVID-19 pandemic. While things have certainly gotten much better recently, many people are still fearful of catching the virus. One place that folks think they’re almost certain to catch the virus is in or around a porta potty.

People just assume that all porta potties are filthy and smelly, so there must be a higher chance of getting sick when they’re using a porta potty. That logic may make sense if you don’t fully understand porta potty cleanliness, but once you start to learn more about how porta potties are cleaned, you’ll realize that porta potties are about as safe as it gets.

Continue reading to learn more about porta potty safety during the pandemic and what you can do to keep yourself and others safe when using a portable toilet.

Porta potties are cleaned more frequently now

The first thing to note is that many porta potties are cleaned more frequently now during the pandemic than they were before. The old rule of thumb was to sanitize porta potties once a week, but the industry is changing now that people are more concerned about germs, and porta potty companies are cleaning out units two or three times a week.

Not flushing may actually be more sanitary

One of the things people point to with porta potty safety during the pandemic is that porta potties don’t flush. If that waste is just sitting in the containment area, the whole porta potty has to be germ infested, right? Wrong—that actually couldn’t be further from the truth.

Research shows that flushing toilets with the lid open creates an aerosol from the water in the bowl that sprays the water along with any other germs in that water throughout the entire bathroom. Since traditional porta potties don’t have a flushing mechanism, you could argue that they’re safer than a regular bathroom.

Washing hands is still essential

The best way you can keep yourself and others safe from COVID-19 is by washing your hands frequently, especially after using the restroom. Thanks to handwashing stations and units with built-in sinks, porta potty rental companies make handwashing easier than ever.

Avoid lingering near the porta potties

The term flush and rush may not be as common as social distancing, but it should be in the back of your mind the next time you use a portable toilet. The phrase refers to getting in the restroom, doing your business and getting out as soon as possible. Of course, you’ll need to take the appropriate amount of time to clean your hands.

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