How to Dress Up a Porta Potty for Special Events

Wondering, “Can I decorate my porta potty for an outdoor event?” It’s actually easy to decorate a porta potty. Decorating the inside and outside of your porta potties will help create a more enjoyable experience for your guests. If you’re looking to give your guests the ultimate experience, consider investing in luxury porta potty rentals.

Below, you’ll find some helpful tips on decorating a porta potty for special events.

Rent the right porta potty in the first place

Renting top-quality portable toilets will ensure you have the perfect restroom for almost any type of event or gathering. If you’re hosting a fancier event, like a wedding or graduation party, consider investing in a luxury porta potty rental. They cost a bit more but come with all the amenities one would expect from an upscale event, including a lot of room, nice sinks, clean mirrors, toiletries and much more.

While not all portable toilet rental services offer luxury porta potty rentals, it’s worth it to seek one out. Guests will forget they’re even using a portable restroom while in a luxury version.

Outdoor decoration ideas

There’s plenty you can do to dress up the outside of a portable restroom. For example, a few potted plants around the side of a portable restroom will help it blend in with the landscape. You could also place some fake flowers on top of the portable toilets to give them a splash of color. Fake hanging vines could add the touch of elegance your portable restrooms need.

Show off some creativity by designing and hanging your own handmade signs. You could even write a joke on some of the signs to make your event a bit more fun.

Don’t forget the inside

Can you decorate the inside of your porta potty for an outdoor event? Not only can you, but you should. Adding a few decorative elements to the inside of your portable toilet will help ensure a good experience for all your guests. Add some fragrant flowers to add color while improving the smell. Ribbons and fabric make excellent decorations for the mirrors. You could even invest in custom toilet paper.

Consider the season

You can decorate your portable toilets based on the season. Placing a few cinnamon sticks and potpourri inside your porta potty rental will help cut down on smell while evoking the feeling of autumn. If it’s near Christmas, decorate the outside of the portable toilets with Christmas lights and other winter holiday decorations.

Get started

Can you decorate your porta potty for an outdoor event? There’s actually a lot you can do to dress up your portable toilet rental; however, as mentioned above, it’s important to first invest in top-quality portable toilets.

If you need top-quality porta potties for your next event, reach out to the team at Johnny on the Spot. We offer a variety of portable toilet rentals, including luxury porta potty options. Let us provide you with the perfect portable restrooms to meet your needs—call today to schedule an appointment!