Porta Potty Ventilation: How to Reduce Odor

Porta potties are a great solution for jobsites and outdoor events. They’re a convenient and relatively inexpensive solution, but one downside is the odor that’s associated with portable toilets. You might think this is unavoidable, but the fact is that proper ventilating for a porta potty can make all the difference.

Read on to find out more about ventilation and how to reduce porta potty smells.

How do porta potty vents work

High-quality modern portable toilets are designed in such a way that (if maintained properly) their odor should be no worse than a traditional interior restroom. That’s because porta potty vents are designed to mitigate fumes circulating inside, thereby eliminating the buildup of odor inside the unit.

Most portable toilets don’t have an exhaust fan as a traditional restroom would. Instead, porta potties are made to remove smells via a pipe. This pipe is connected to the holding tank. When hot gases inside the unit increase, they will rise and leave via the pipe. The cool air outside the tank will help with this process by drawing out the hotter, high-pressure air that’s inside.

How weather affects portable toilet smells

When it’s windy outside, this will help the porta potty’s ventilation system work even better. That’s because the air moving over the tube can help draw out more of the gases.

Warmer weather is going to have a negative impact on odors, as you might expect. That’s because the smells will build up in the holding tank and won’t escape as easily. Still, a well-designed and -maintained portable toilet will still only have minimal odors even during very hot weather.

Putting the toilet seat down

Unfortunately for men, it’s recommended to always put the toilet seat down in a porta potty. The toilet seat actually serves a function beyond its normal one. The seat helps the ventilation system work. When closed, fumes and odors in the holding tank are sent to exit through the ventilation tube—but when the seat is left up, then the fumes start building inside. This leads to an unpleasant smell greeting whoever uses the unit next.

Deodorizing a porta potty

Utilizing deodorizers is another way to reduce odors inside portable toilets. It also reduces the presence of bacteria in the air. When a porta potty is experiencing heavy use, smells may begin to accumulate inside. Adding deodorizers to the water tank and then leaving the door open for five to 10 minutes can provide a bit of relief. Also, cleaning and regular maintenance of the portable toilet goes a long way toward eliminating odors.

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