Maintaining a Porta Potty in Inclement Weather

The temperatures are dropping, and winter is coming. You might wonder whether you can continue to use portable toilets even in the winter. The good news is that you can. Porta potty wind resistance is generally good, and portable toilets provide a short break for workers or visitors from the harsh conditions outside.

Let’s look at the best ways to prepare for difficult weather.

Is a porta potty usable in cold weather?

Porta potty use is, as you would expect, higher when the weather is good. This is typically when events and festivals take place. That said, large public-holiday gatherings sometimes need porta potties as well—and construction and other outdoor work continues all year.

Quality portable toilets are still usable even if it’s raining or windy or if the conditions are otherwise less than ideal. All the following are good practices during the winter:

  • Add a portable heater: If you want to treat your guests or employees right and make things cozy, a portable heater can make all the difference. They also help reduce the chance of freezing affecting the porta potty. These heaters will rely on an outlet to supply power, so make sure one is nearby.
  • Keep the ground salted: This is important for any outdoor work or gathering conducted during the winter. Even a little ice can make the grounds slippery and lead to dangerous conditions and potential slip and fall accidents. Do your due diligence by instituting a cheap and effective solution: spreading rock salt around the area outside the porta po
  • Hand sanitizer: Once the temperatures start to plummet, you may not be able to use outdoor sinks anymore. Instead, have plenty of alcohol-based hand sanitizer on hand. This won’t freeze and provides effective disinfection.

Dealing with high winds

Strong winds are an issue associated with winter weather. Unfortunately, this can lead to portable toilets tipping over. That’s why it’s critical to secure porta potties through framing or other measures. In cases where winds get really bad, you may want to secure the portable toilet to a large piece of machinery or move it inside. You can also place large, heavy items on top to weigh down the toilet. But proceed with caution here—you don’t want to damage the unit.


Sometimes freezing can be a problem with portable toilets during the winter months. If the holding tank freezes, it could lead to cracks and damage. Ice may also build up during the winter months, making cleaning and sanitization of the tank more difficult. This is only an issue if the portable toilet is left outside for a long time. One easy way to avoid this is by installing a heater. It may cost a bit extra up front, but it will pay off down the line.

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