Top Misconceptions About the Porta Potty, Debunked

Many of people’s portable toilet misconceptions are rooted in the past. You probably had more than one bad experience with a porta potty that was dirty, smelly and downright unpleasant.

Porta potties have changed quite a bit in recent years. Are porta potties dirty? That depends on how well they’re maintained, but there’s no reason to believe that they’re dirtier than any other bathroom.

Read on to find out how portable toilets are different—and better—today.

MYTH: Porta potties smell

Of course, some portable toilets do smell—but they shouldn’t smell any more than an average indoor restroom. One way that modern portable toilet companies deal with smells is by incorporating state-of-the-art ventilation systems that effectively remove odors. It’s also possible to use odor-neutralizing products that provide real results.

MYTH: Portable toilet seats contain tons of bacteria

The reality is that office keyboards will often have more bacteria than the average portable toilet seat. While these can harbor bacteria, other parts of a bathroom (the sinks, door handles and toilet paper dispensers) are likely to have more germs. Regular maintenance of the portable toilet should take care of all the above.

MYTH: Porta potty users won’t be able to wash their hands

It’s now an option to have sinks either inside the portable toilet or in a hand-washing station outside. Either way, it’s easy to include hand-sanitizing dispensers as well.

MYTH: Portable toilets aren’t a good choice for high-end events

The perception is that porta potties are only suited for long outdoor events and construction sites, but modern luxury portable bathrooms can match the amenities you’d find in indoor bathrooms. From stereo systems to climate-controlled interiors and hot and cold water, portable restrooms are a great choice for when you want to deliver comfort to your guests.

MYTH: Only a single portable toilet is necessary for most events

For larger events, it’s critical to have additional portable toilets. A general rule is to have at least four units for every 100 attendees. You always want to overestimate the number of porta potties you need, as underestimating can have worse consequences.

MYTH: Porta potties are costly

While no one will rent you a portable toilet for free, renting porta potties for larger events is more cost-effective, as users will spend less time in line waiting to use the restroom. If you want your concert, fair or other outdoor event to go smoothly, you’ll want to make an investment in porta potties.

MYTH: Porta potties aren’t environmentally friendly

In the past, formaldehyde was used as an odor deterrent. This, ironically, created an unpleasant smell and had a negative impact on the environment. Today’s porta potties use greener and healthier products that have overall less impact on the environment than many home bathrooms.

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