Tips for Setting Up Portable Toilets in the Winter

You might generally associate the use of portable toilets with the warmer months, but there are plenty of times when it makes sense to have porta potties during the winter as well. Whether it’s for a construction project, an ice skating rink or a winter festival, portable toilets provide a convenient option for guests and workers.

If you’re interested in learning more about portable toilet services in winter, read on for our leading tips.

Find the right spot

You want portable toilets to be easily accessible to everyone who needs them. If there’s any threat of ice, then salt the area around the toilet. This will mean it won’t freeze to the ground and will provide easy, safe access for guests. If there’s any snow, make sure that there’s a clear pathway to the portable toilets.

Look for sunny locations

Whenever possible, it’s good to place portable toilets indoors or under a covering. In cases where that’s not possible, then find a good sunny spot. This will help prevent any freezing. It will also make the portable toilet a bit warmer and more comfortable for people to use. This is an easy way to keep porta potties functional during the colder months.

Protect from strong winds

Winter is a season when strong winds are possible. This can wreak havoc with portable toilets, which are liable to tip over. There are a few ways you can avoid this catastrophe. One is to place the portable toilets against a building, fence, wall or other sturdy structure to eliminate the possibility of falling. You may also find ways to affix them to the ground. Either way, expect that strong winds will happen, and plan in advance.

Service often

Providing frequent service is a smart idea during the winter. At least once per week, all-weather portable toilets need to be serviced. It’s a good move in terms of keeping them sanitary and preventing any possible freezing. Plus, you can address any problems with the porta potties early on through regular maintenance.

Use heaters

For those who want their guests to have the best experience possible, consider adding portable heaters to your porta potties. These will easily fit inside and make for a much more enjoyable experience. They also lessen the chance that the toilets will freeze. Overall, heaters provide a much more pleasant experience for using portable toilets during the winter months.

Luxury restroom trailers

These are an excellent choice for winter events, as they include climate control. They’re also bigger than traditional portable toilets and provide space for people to take care of other things such as changing infants and adjusting their appearance.

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