How Many Porta Potties Do You Need for Your Event?

Hosting an outdoor wedding, concert, birthday party or other event comes with a ton of logistical challenges. One of the things that’s often overlooked is how many portable toilets you’ll need to rent for your event. Luckily, our pros at Johnny on the Spot have some simple math to answer the question of how many portable toilets you need for an event.

We recommend having one unit for every 75 people in attendance. Then, add an additional unit for every four-hour increment. If you’re serving beverages (particularly alcohol), it’s a good idea to increase your portable toilets by 20 percent to account for the additional volume.

What about porta potties for construction sites?

If you’re managing a construction site, you’ll need to rent a few more units. Per the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), all construction sites must provide at least one portable toilet per 10 workers. Additionally, the restrooms must be serviced once a week to ensure they’re sanitary.

Which units should you rent?

Now that you know the answer to how many portable toilets you need for an event, it’s time to pick out your porta potties. These are the different units we carry at Johnny on the Spot:

  • Basic: Our standard units are ideal for construction sites and a variety of outdoor events. We handle the servicing for all of our units, so you never have to worry about having smelly porta potties at your event.
  • Single mobile trailer mounted restroom: We also offer single units mounted on wheels for easy transportation and low to the ground for easy entrance. With an in-unit handwashing station, guests will know you put an emphasis on sanitation.
  • ADA-accessible: The answer to how many people per portable toilet might change if you have attendees with limited mobility. We have wider, ADA-compliant portable toilets that are ideal for folks with limited mobility or parents with small children.
  • Deluxe: Featuring a freshwater toilet bowl, our deluxe portable restrooms keep odors and germs at bay. The in-unit handwashing station and paper towel dispenser promote further sanitation and comfort.
  • VIP: For a VIP experience, look no further than our luxury, solar-powered units. Our VIP porta potties have a porcelain flush toilet, running water and interior lights and mirrors. Plus, they’re entirely self-contained and energy efficient.
  • Comfort Elite: Our Comfort Elite II and III portable restroom trailers are becoming increasingly popular for high-end outdoor events. Like our VIP units, these trailers also feature porcelain flush toilets, running water and interior lighting, but they also elevate your bathroom experience with air conditioning and heating units.

With an array of units available to rent and affordable pricing, look no further than Johnny on the Spot the next time you need to rent porta potties. Whether you need a basic unit or the Comfort Elite III, you’ll never overpay for portable toilets when you come to us. Contact our team today to get a quote for your units or to learn more about how many people you can expect to accommodate per portable toilet.