The Best Practices for Placing Your Portable Restrooms

You never want to overlook porta potties when planning your outdoor event. In addition to ordering the right number of units for your guests, you’ll need to think about where to place them to maximize efficiency and convenience. This post will cover what is important when it comes to portable bathrooms to ensure your event goes off without a hitch:

  • Find level terrain: The first thing to know is that porta potties should always be placed on even ground, preferably on cement or asphalt. Rain could turn the ground into a muddy mess, making units harder to access and restroom servicing a challenge for your porta potty supplier.
  • Consider accessibility: Your porta potties need to be easily accessible for both your guests and the pros who need to service them. The best place to put portable bathrooms is near where your crowd will be gathered, so guests won’t have to walk too far to use the restroom. Additionally, make sure they’re no further than 25 feet from where a maintenance truck can park to service them.
  • Don’t impede foot traffic: While you want your units to be in a convenient location, you don’t want to block foot traffic. We don’t recommend placing them near your event’s exit or entrance, as this can lead to large gatherings in a single location and frustration for your guests.
  • Utilize structures: The best place to place portable bathrooms is underneath or against a permanent structure. Buildings will provide necessary protection from wind and rain, and they’ll also give your guests some extra privacy. If your units can’t go under a covered structure, at least place them against the building to help prevent tip-overs.
  • Group units in banks: If you’re renting multiple units for your event, place your units together in a large bank. Grouping the units in a central location makes them easier to access, and it helps your porta potty team when it’s time to pump or service the units.
  • Prevent tip-overs: We touched on tip-overs above because they’re likely the biggest headache you can imagine when it comes to porta potties. Consider staking your units to the ground or using ratchet straps to secure them if they’re on pavement.

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