Are Portable Restrooms Sanitary?

A common misconception about portable restrooms is that they are unsanitary and often go uncleaned. The truth, however, is that portable restrooms can actually be more sanitary than public bathrooms.

Think of it this way: a portable restroom is a more confined space, which makes it easier to clean. There are also specific cleaning products and processes that are designed to effectively and efficiently clean out the entire space, often on a daily basis.

Here is a quick overview of some of the health and sanitation amenities and features often included with portable toilets to help keep you at ease the next time you enter one:

  • Odor control: One of the many stigmas associated with portable restrooms is that they have an unbearably foul odor. While this was an issue in decades past, advancements in technology have stopped this from being a problem. Portable restrooms these days include odor control mechanisms and deodorizing products in the tanks that prevent foul odors from escaping.
  • Hand washing: Older models of portable toilets did not have built-in solutions to allow users to wash their hands. In many cases, you’d have to order separate handwashing stations. These days, you can at least expect to find hand sanitizer stations mounted to the walls inside portable toilets. You can also rent units that have built-in sinks to wash your hands, or still order those separate handwashing stations to place outside large embankments of multiple porta potties.
  • Professional cleaning: Portable restrooms, as previously mentioned, are often easier to clean than larger public bathrooms. When used in busy environments, they will often be cleaned every day to ensure they are fresh and fully sanitized when new guests arrive on the premises. They get cleaned from top to bottom on all surfaces, with the tanks getting pumped out and new chemicals added to sanitize and control odors.
  • Service after events: After a porta potty is removed from an event site, trucks will arrive to the property to take it to a treatment center, where it will be fully sanitized before being put back into use for the next renter. This often includes pressure washing in addition to other deep cleaning procedures.
  • Waste: There is a surprising amount of runoff that exists in municipal sewer systems, which can result in human waste polluting water and the environment. This can have a negative effect on wildlife and even human health. Portable restrooms do a better job of waste containment, and when the waste is pumped out of the tanks, it is immediately transported to treatment centers, where it can be properly disposed of. There’s no concern about environmental impact from using portable toilets.

These are just a few of the factors that make portable toilets a far more sanitary option than public restrooms, particularly given what you might expect from some of the common misconceptions in place regarding these units. For more information about the benefits of using portable toilets for your event, or to learn more about Johnny on the Spot’s rental options, contact us today.