Upgrade Your Event With a VIP Solar Powered Restroom Trailer

A luxury portable restroom maintains hygiene at outdoor events like festivals, concerts, weddings, and corporate functions while giving them elegance. Do not settle for standalone porta-potty units when planning for an upscale event — your guests deserve the best. Here are the benefits of upgrading your event with a VIP solar-powered restroom trailer

Budget Efficient

Outdoor events can be costly, so the most daunting task is to save money while planning them. VIP Solar powered restroom trailers can fit any budget.  Moreover, with VIP solar-powered restroom trailers, you can choose how many restroom stalls you want at your event. This gives you control over the cost related to a restroom trailer. Opting for these restroom trailers can save more money and spend on catering or entertainment services instead. 

Amazing Amenities

A VIP solar-powered restroom trailer offers your guests the comforts of a home. The contemporary trailers have better amenities than the smaller VIP restroom trailers. The modern flooring, air conditioning, heating, running water, handwashing stations, flushing toilets, and elegant countertops will match the standards of your classy event. The standard porta-potty units only offer a locking door and stall for added privacy. 


The extra spaces allow you to customize the VIP trailers to reflect your event’s theme. A customized VIP trailer can create the best memorable washroom experience for your guests. Fill a basket with toiletry items like soap, deodorants, and dental floss for the guests inside the stall. You can also add a welcoming sign outside the trailer. For weddings, you can add wedding favors, décor, and photos to create a unique restroom at the event

Save Energy 

One of the benefits of VIP solar-powered restroom trailers is the all-in-one pricing. Some rentals are connected to gas or electricity for lighting. However, you will likely pay for the resources used during the event.  

Luckily, VIP solar-powered restroom trailers are designed to be energy efficient. They reduce power usage, thus saving electricity bills in the long run. Besides their energy efficiency, they create a cleaner, safer environment for your guests by reducing waste and allergens. 

Multiple Units

Choosing VIP restroom trailers does not mean you are limited to one stall. You can choose an 11-stall restroom for your large event with several hundred guests or opt for a 2-stall trailer for a small event. At Johnny on the Spot, we have all types of VIP restroom trailers to cater to any event’s needs. 

VIP Solar Powered Portable Restroom: Final Thoughts

Whether hosting a business event or a family get-together, you should hire toilet facilities for your guests. Thankfully, we offer the best VIP solar-powered restroom trailers for American Canyon, CA residents. Planning an event can be challenging but requires time, effort, and research. Hopefully, you are now aware of solar powered portable restroom benefits. Contact us today for a free comfort class portable toilet quote.