Deluxe Fresh Flush Portable Restrooms VS. Basic Portable Restrooms

Most people are not a fan of using portable toilets; that is just a fact. That being said, some models like the deluxe fresh flush portable restrooms are as close to a standard restroom as possible and are much better overall.

Deluxe Fresh Flush Portable Restrooms Vs. Basic Portable Restrooms

The biggest difference between basic portable restroom and deluxe fresh flush portable restroom options is that the deluxe models flush. Many people state that their least favorite part of a portable toilet is that they are an open tank where you can see all the waste from other users and where any waste stuck on the bowl remains visible.

This can be off-putting for many users. The deluxe model has a flush mechanism that helps to keep the bowl clean and helps to freshen the space and makes it more usable overall. This makes the deluxe model more comfortable and easier for those who might have hang-ups about using a portable toilet. Some models come with soap dispensers, storage for cleaning supplies and more toilet paper, ventilation and even running water in some models.

When it comes down to it, there are so many different types of portable toilet and every event calls for one type of toilet or other. Taking the time to see what options there are and to see what might fit your needs can make a big difference. 

Is it Worth the Cost?

For those that are hosting a large event or that are going to have a huge number of people with limited access to actual restrooms, this might be an option that is actually doable. The cost is not significantly more than a standard porta potty, and if the price is the real hang-up, you can get less of the deluxe models to make up the cost difference.

When it comes to it, if you are dealing with a portable toilet, it is always going to be best to make sure that those using it are as comfortable as possible. This means making sure that their portable toilet is as close to a normal toilet as possible. People will be less likely to make a mess with a portable toilet if it is clean and comfortable to begin with — and if it reminds them of a normal toilet. So, when it comes to deluxe fresh flush portable restrooms vs basic portable restrooms, a deluxe model might be the right choice. 

While they may cost a little bit more, the added comfort and sanitation make it an investment that is worth the effort and can truly make a difference for your patrons. You can find out more about added extras and models and choose what will work best for your venue or event and your budget.