Top 6 Things to Consider When Renting a Mobile Restroom

Whether you’re a construction site owner, event planner or concert coordinator, your guests will need a potty. That means you’ll need to secure suitable bathroom accommodations from a trustworthy provider. These are some of the things to consider when renting a mobile restroom:  

The costs

Your budget is the first thing you need to examine. Think about how much you set aside for event prep and use the information to match yourself with a suitable vendor. 

Attendee Number

Misjudging the required number of stalls is a mistake many people make when ordering portable bathrooms. An effective rule-of-thumb practice is to rent one mobile bathroom for every hundred people you expect to have as guests. You also have to consider the length of your event. Anything over four hours will require you to install additional potties. 

Porta Potty Styles

It would be helpful if you also thought about the supplier’s diverse styles. Units come in a potpourri of designs and sorts. For example, you can request solar-powered portal potties or fresh flush units. Upscale mobile restrooms are also available for guests who want to relieve themselves in style.   

Cleaning Frequency 

The cleaning frequency is one of the top questions to ask when renting a portable restroom. Each company has separate servicing guidelines based on OSHA standards and their clients’ needs. Restrooms at a new construction site might only need servicing once a week, whereas potties at a weekend concert event need more frequent cleanings. 


Consider whether you need to hold an ADA-compliant event and use that information when ordering restrooms. When in doubt, you should install at least two wheelchair-accessible toilets on the site. 

Security Issues

You may want to ask the provider if they offer additional security features, such as padlocks. You can request them if you suspect someone might tamper with the restrooms overnight. 

Questions to Ask Before You Rent a Portable Restroom

You’ll likely have a ton of questions in mind when you contact the porta potty rental company. One question you should consider asking is whether they have hidden fees. Ask if their rates are hourly, flat or flexible, and get additional details about extra charges that might come up. A reliable provider will inform you of your options and use a transparent consultation method. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Mobile Porta Potty Trailer

Think about all the extras your guests might need and consider adding them to your order. For example, sinks and sanitizers are more critical now than ever before. Also, be sure to include abundant sources of toilet paper, paper towels and soap. You can tailor the level of elegance your mobile restrooms have, too. For example, you can offer your guests bathroom trailers with mirrors so they can wash their faces or apply lipstick when they enter. 

Those are just a handful of things to think about before ordering your next porta potty rental. Make sure you research the prospective providers thoroughly to get the most comprehensive and high-quality service.