Portable Restrooms on Point: 5 Must-Know Factors for Renting Portable Restrooms

Green,and,gray,potties,set,up,in,a,parking,lotWhen hosting an outdoor event or participating in a construction project, one of the key considerations is providing adequate restroom facilities. Portable restrooms offer a convenient and efficient solution. However, there are several factors to keep in mind when renting portable restrooms to ensure a successful and seamless experience. In this blog, we will outline five must-know factors for renting portable restrooms.

1. Number of Guests or Workers

The first factor to consider when renting portable restrooms is the number of guests or workers who will be using the facilities. It is important to have enough restrooms to accommodate the expected attendance or workforce. A general rule of thumb is to provide one portable restroom for every 50-100 people for events and one restroom for every 10 workers for construction sites. This helps prevent long lines and ensures that everyone has access to the facilities when needed.

2. Type of Event or Project

The nature of your event or project also plays a role in determining the type of portable restrooms you will need. Different events or projects may have specific requirements. For example, a wedding or upscale event may require luxury restroom trailers that offer a more spacious and comfortable experience. On the other hand, construction sites may need durable and basic portable restrooms that can withstand the demands of the job site. Consider the unique needs and expectations of your event or project when selecting the type of portable restrooms to rent.

3. Special Considerations

In addition to the number of attendees or workers, it is essential to consider any special needs or considerations that may arise. Accessible restrooms should be provided for individuals with disabilities to ensure everyone can use the facilities comfortably and independently. Furthermore, if you expect children to be present at the event, consider renting family-friendly portable restrooms that include baby changing stations. Taking these special considerations into account demonstrates your commitment to inclusivity and provides a more positive experience for all participants.

4. Rental Duration

The rental duration is another crucial factor to consider when renting portable restrooms. Determine how long you will need the facilities, as rental prices are often based on a daily or weekly rate. It is advisable to have a clear understanding of the event or project timeline to avoid overpaying for unnecessary additional days. Communicate your schedule with the rental company to ensure the portable restrooms are delivered and picked up at the appropriate times.

5. Maintenance and Service

Another important factor to consider is the maintenance and service provided by the portable restroom rental company. Hygiene and cleanliness should be a priority, so inquire about how often the restrooms are serviced and cleaned during the rental period. Prompt and reliable service ensures that the facilities stay in sanitary condition and that any issues or repairs are addressed promptly. Additionally, discuss any specific requirements or additional services you may need, such as restroom attendants or hand sanitizer stations.

Bonus Tip: Plan for Placement and Accessibility

While not a separate factor, it is essential to plan for the placement and accessibility of the portable restrooms. Choose a location that is easily accessible for all attendees or workers, taking into consideration factors such as proximity to the main event area or worksite and convenient paths of travel. Ensure there is enough space to accommodate the number of portable restrooms you are renting, including any wheelchair-accessible units if required. Proper placement and accessibility contribute to a positive user experience and prevent any logistical challenges during the event or project.


Renting portable restrooms requires careful consideration of several factors. Determine the number of restrooms needed based on the attendance or workforce, consider the type of event or project, and factor in any special considerations such as accessibility or family-friendly features. Discuss the rental duration and establish a clear understanding of the maintenance and service provided by the rental company. By keeping these factors in mind and planning ahead, you can ensure that the portable restrooms meet the needs of your event or project, providing comfort and convenience for all participants.

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