3 Reasons To Have Your Toilet Pumped On A Regular Basis 

A lot of things we flush down our toilets aren’t septic safe and could clog your pipes or your septic system. This includes coffee grounds, eggshells, produce stickers, and even flour. Here are several other reasons why you should have your toilet pumped on a regular basis. 


Clogs are the most common plumbing problem that occurs when your toilet is not pumped on a regular basis. They occur when certain types of waste or paper products become trapped in the drain lines. This is most often the case with toilet paper and other non-flushable items that aren’t biodegradable. Other materials, such as hair, feminine hygiene products, grease and oil, medications, and diapers, can also cause clogs to form in the sewer line. 

Slow Drains 

Slow drains can become an annoyance and lead to back-ups in your bathtub or sink. They also can be an early sign of a more serious problem like sewer corrosion, or even tree root ingress into your pipes. If you don’t take action, you’ll likely have to deal with a more severe plumbing problem later on.  

Dirty Septic Tank 

Every time you flush a toilet, grind garbage in your disposal, or pour wastewater down the drain, it travels through your plumbing main line into your septic tank. When your tank is full, sewage backups can cause bad smells, a mucky yard, and plumbing issues inside the house. If you do not have your septic tank pumped on a regular basis, the waste that flows into it will eventually fill up to its maximum capacity and overflow. Having your tank pumped will remove this excess waste, allowing it to flow into the absorption area and drain out into the soil below. 

Sometimes, clogs can be solved with simple DIY solutions. But in other cases, the issue is deeper and requires professional plumbing assistance. When you notice that your toilet is clogged, it’s always a good idea to call a plumber to get the job done quickly and safely. Save yourself the headache and call the experts at Johnny on the Spot to have your toilet pumped on a regular basis!