The Benefits of Using a Deluxe Fresh Flush Portable Restroom

Installing portable restrooms at your events and construction projects isn’t just good for business; it’s necessary. Deluxe Fresh portable restrooms are advanced potties that include fresh water and extra items to boost sanitation and comfort. Here’s some information about those unique portable restrooms and the benefits you can receive if you invest in one for your next project. 

How Hygienic Are Portable Toilets?

Portable restrooms are highly hygienic, even more so with the improvements in sanitation efforts. A reliable porta potty rental company will perform regular cleanings and provide freshness products. Additionally, they will use odor control products and contain the waste in large tanks for future disposal. Sometimes, portable restrooms are more sanitary than regular restrooms and septic systems. 

What Is a Deluxe Fresh Flush Portable Restroom Rental?

A Deluxe Fresh Flush portable restroom is a porta potty with extended features and care. These units use fresh water, which helps to eliminate unsanitary conditions and keeps the unit smelling fantastic at all times. They are fully flushable units that enable visitors to "take care of business" and then flush it into a large waste tank that contains it. The provider will eventually extract it and take it to a treatment center. The porta potty company will explain its processes to you in more detail once you reach out and express your interest. 

The Benefits of Renting a Deluxe Fresh Flush Restroom

Deluxe Fresh Flush restrooms have tons of benefits for you and your guests. These are some of the ways you can all gain from having them present on your site:

Long-Staying Guests

The more portable restrooms you have at the site, the longer your guests can stay at the event. Thus, you’ll have more opportunities to earn money or simply satisfy the people attending your event.  

Pleasant Smell

Freshwater units have a reputation for providing a more pleasant-smelling experience. All Deluxe units come with heavy-duty deodorizers to eliminate any subtle scents that might linger.

Additional Amenities

Deluxe units often come with additional products, amenities, and features. Some are unisex units with a toilet and a urinal, which are much more convenient for your guests. 

Your restrooms will also come stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, and a whole hand washing station so your guests can complete the appropriate hygiene tasks. 

Great Reputation

One great reason to rent a Deluxe restroom is the reputation it will give your establishment. Guests will remember all the details of an event and how clean the bathrooms are. Therefore, you might garner a few positive reviews because of their pleasant experience. Furthermore, you might get some new guests the next time you have an event. Those are enough reasons to consider reserving a Deluxe bathroom for your next festival, project, or gathering.  

Now you know why you need to set up an advanced portable bathroom system on your site. The next step is to contact a provider like Johnny on the Spot to hear about the latest features and pricing options.