What Is Included in My Portable Bathroom Rental?

You need to know a lot before renting a portable bathroom for the first time. These are the answers to some commonly asked questions about such rentals:

How Do I Know Which Portable Bathroom To Rent?

Knowing which portable bathrooms to rent can get confusing for a first-timer. Fortunately, you have plenty of knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives to help you choose correctly. You’ll need to know how many people to expect at your event, how large the event area is, and which accommodations to request. It’s wise to have at least one or two ADA-compliant restrooms at the event in case you have visitors who need them. 

The general rule-of-thumb practice is to have one portable potty for every hundred guests who will be at the event for up to six hours.  

What Types of Services Are Included in My Rental?

Portable potty providers offer various services to accommodate their clients. Therefore, you can expect to receive sanitation services when you rent one. That means someone will visit the restrooms, replenish the blue sanitizer, and clean the toilet interiors.

You may also get restocking services, which means the company will provide additional toilet paper, paper towels, and other items you need for your guests.

Waste pumping is another service the provider might offer. They’ll visit the potties and clear the waste so you don’t have backups, stench, or mechanical problems. Be sure to ask the companies about the included services when you discuss your rental with a reputable provider.  

Are the Services Based Off the Event I Am Renting the Porta Potty For?

The services the company provides may or may not be based on your event type. You’ll likely receive more services if you rent the potties for an extended period. For example, you might need to rent the bathrooms for a few weeks because of a construction project. In that case, you’ll get more maintenance visits.

An event that only lasts a couple of hours won’t receive nearly as many services because they aren’t necessary. Thus, you can conclude that the services are based on the length of your rental more than the type of event you intend to have. 

How Does the Pricing Work? 

Different companies calculate their prices using various methods. They might charge you by the hour if you intend to have a short event, like a wedding or concert. Construction projects might have fixed pricing, weekly fees, or a single monthly rental cost. 

It’s wise to schedule a consultation and talk to a few companies before choosing one to move forward. Involve your event planner in the process if you have one, and don’t rush into the process. Taking time to make crucial decisions will ensure that all your guests are happy enough to stay for the entire event. 

You can feel a bit more confident about renting a portable bathroom for your event now. Contact a reliable rental company if you have any questions or concerns about your next rental.